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Uncompromising Fitment

Founded in 2019, Vesper has sought to provide a solution to car enthusiasts looking for the very best on the market for their vehicles. Pushing the limits of what it takes to create wheels that blend seamlessly with the potential of a car, we design, engineer and manufacture luxury forged wheels specifically for Mercedes-Benz, luxury MPV’s such as the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire as well as Lexus vehicles. Featuring bespoke designs in our various styles and wheel models, Vesper Forged Wheels provide a look that will stay as fresh as the day you have your wheels installed and relevant for years to come, along with quality that will last. Using techniques that focus on proportion and detail, we have crafted wheels with an elegant yet technical look that perfectly complement today’s most sought-after vehicles. These designs are carefully crafted and assembled using the highest quality materials, components and standards.


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More Resistant to Wear


You may be asking, what is a forged wheel? What are its advantages?

Forged wheels refer to the production stage, where a wheel is forged from a single billet or large piece of solid metal. This results in a wheel that is not only stronger than a cast wheel, but also has performance features such as being lighter, stronger, and more resistant to wear.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know that buyers want something that is top quality, yet doesn’t break the bank. Our wheels are forged from a solid piece of aerospace grade T6061 aluminium alloy and our manufacturing process meets the highest industry standards. All wheels go through rigorous testing and stringent FEA analysis so that they perform at the highest possible level in real-world conditions.

All tests also meet the standardised JWL & VIA (Japan) requirements, so although we offer a price advantage, we go the extra mile to ensure that our wheels are of the highest quality and can withstand rigorous use, both on the track and on the street.

Featured Series

Vesper Forged Rims

The MB Series

Like its name suggests, our MB Series is built and designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz saloon or wagon vehicles.

The specific centre bore and Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) that ensures that it mounts perfectly to the wheel hub of the vehicle has been precisely measured. Most wheels on the Malaysian market will have a PCD that is one or two millimetres off the exact PCD 112 measurement that Mercedes-Benz requires; that is simply not the case with our wheel models. This ensures that when you drive away from our showroom after install, ride quality will be uncompromised, without any vibrations or other strange feedback on the steering wheel, which is commonly seen with other wheel brands that require additional hub rings and spacers to ensure that the fitment is correct.

Available in 19” and 20” sizes, we have a wide variety of designs that will cater to your individual tastes, whether it be something luxurious that fits the look of your Mercedes-Benz saloon, or something sporty to match your array of carbon fibre accessories. We guarantee you’ll drive away satisfied once you have made your choice.

The MS Series

Own a MPV or SUV from Toyota and Lexus, but scratching your head in regards to which wheel design to choose that will match the look of your vehicle? Look no further than our MS Series, which features a wide array of wheel designs that are both luxurious and sporty, depending on your individual preference.

From extravagant chrome-finished wheels with brilliant angular spokes to gloss black multi-spoke patterns that boast a sporty look, we have something for everyone in this wheel line-up. Like all our wheel models, the MS Series is crafted with the exact specific centre bore and PCD to match Toyota and Lexus vehicles with PCD 114.3 hubs. Unlike many wheel brands on the Malaysian market with a PCD of 113, our wheels will match perfectly with your vehicle without the use of accessories such as a hub ring or spacer and save you the hassle of mixing and matching.

Only 20” size is available for this series.